2003 Junior Sailing Program

The ten graduates of the 2003 Junior Sailing Program at GCYC

Each student had to pass a swim test and be able to don a life jacket while treading water in sailing clothes

Knot tying is an important part of sailing, even for 6 yr. old students

Practice beaching the boats - helps begin and end the day with good feelings all around

Safety Position and swim breaks

Instructor Tish Buti and safety boat driver Ron Kent watching over their students

Sailing downwind and having fun, too!

Talia and Josh upwind - looking good too!

Nick and Austin practice getting "out of irons" to get going again after being stopped

Pirates Contest - best shot at the instructors; teaches skills for going where you need to go with the boat

Austin wins the coveted "Best Landing" award (note the many other awards to be presented)

The cost of the course was $50.00 to GCYC member students and included a US Sailing "Start Sailing Right"textbook, US Sailing Junior Sailor membership and rules book, and a subscription to Sailing World Magazine. A swim test/parent orientation meeting was held at Club Sierra Sports and Fitness Center in Grass Valley, where the students performed a 25 yard swim, floating, and donning a life jacket test while treading water. Five Sunfish sailboats, two safety boats and the new GCYC Clubhouse were used for the on-the-water lessons at Scotts Flat Lake. The ten sailors ranged in age from 6 years old to 15 years old. The 30 hour course was taught by US Small Boat Sailing Instructor Lynn Buchanan and Assistant Instructor Tish Buti with assistance from GCYC member volunteers: Jerry and Cameron Lewis, George Dresbach, Gary Wade, Dale Buchanan, Wayne Buti, Gordon Fellows, Bruce Cutshall, Frank Nin, Doug Epperson, Ron Kent, and Stuart Beach.

Students received US Sailing Start Sailing Right textbooks and were instructed in knot tying, water safety, sailing terminology, weather, caring for and rigging a sailboat, rules of the road, capsize recovery, points of sail, tacking, jibing, departing and returning to docks and beach departures and arrivals. The winds were light to moderate during the four days on the water. The last day of lessons offered skills contests in mark rounding, racing and the pirates game. For the pirates game, each boat was given a water cannon and then sailed to the instructors anchored safety boat and got to shoot off three of their best shots. The prizes for Best Shot were movie theater tickets for the winning team. The last day ended with a potluck BBQ with the students, parents, instructors, and volunteers followed by trophy presentations to the students.

The Junior Sailing program is sponsored by Marina Village Yacht Harbor and local corporations Litton Engineering Laboratories and Tri-Continent Scientific.