Youth Sailing 2001 Pictures

Instruction in knot tying, sail flaking, points of sail and 'rules of the road'

Instructors Don Hare, Tish Buti, Lynn Buchanan and Mike Bringolf
observe knot tying techniques and review classroom instruction

Finally, getting the boats in the water.
Students ranged from age 8 to 16 years old this year; four boys, four girls.

Getting the mast in, rudder on, boom attached, now to raise the main!

And this is what 'it's all about!' - S A I L I N G ! ! !

Note the 'new name' on the stern of this Sunfish heading out of the marina area

Each year, one of the boats is named after the youngest member of the class: this year, Annie

Another couple of students head out across the lake

Lynn and Tish in the chase boat with ever the 'watchful eye' on their charges

In what can be considered 'sailing success,'
all three Sunfish and the Coronado 15 on the far side of Scotts Flat Lake

Three Sunfish and the GCYC chase boat with Instructors watching closely,
coming back to the marina after hours out on the lake

And then it's the "Graduation Banquet" for students and families.
Everyone had a great time! Why don't you join us 'next time'?

Note: there will be an "Awards Presentation" at the GCYC September meeting (9/12/01) at Memorial Park.