Regatta draws wide field; local skippers lock up top spots in NC race
By Shawn E. Swillinger - Tue, Jun 13, 2000

Local sailors tied up the top spots in the 19th annual Go For the Gold regatta held at Scotts Flat Saturday and Sunday.

"The conditions probably favored the local sailors a bit," said Gold Country Yacht Club member Jerry Lewis. "The wind can shift a lot, you have to really know what to expect."

Thirty-seven boats in four classes competed in five races over the two-day gathering.

The top three finishers in the open-keel class were all Nevada County sailors.

Jeremy Gicker sailed his Capri 22 to a first place finish. Gicker won four of five races over the weekend and never placed lower than third.

Mike Bringoff took second, sailing a Space Sailor 20. Bringoff had a first, a second and three thirds in the five-race series.

Lewis was the third-place finisher. Sailing a MacGregor 25, Lewis had four strong finishes and a sixth-place finish.

"In the first race, I was still rigging my boat and they started without me," said Lewis with a grin.

Don Koropp finished in the fourth spot. Doug Epperson was fifth.

In the Snipe class, Andy Pontious took first. Pontious had three first-place finishes. Robin Gales was second and Joe Harvard was third.

Wade Behling dominated the open centerboard class with his Thistle. Behling won four of five races to win the class. Behling finished no lower than fourth.

Walt Andrews won the El Toro class. He had three first-place finishes, one second and a third.

Go For the Gold Regatta 2000
Scotts Flat Lake

Open Keel - 1. Jeremy Glicker 7pts., 2. Mike Bringoff 12, 3. Jerry Lewis 15, 4. Don Koropp 22, 5. Doug Epperson 24, 6. Hubert Van Dijk 28, 7. Barry Karr 32, 8. Paul Butts 46, 9. J. Day 44, 10. Jeff Lund 54

Snipe - 1. Andy Pontious 8, 2.Robin Gales 14, 3. Joe Harvard 17, 4. Ava Moore 25, 5. R. Hunt 25, 6. N. Shahin 27, 7. C. Heimler 34, 8. W. Cram 39, 9. L. Vito 40, 10. Tom Perry 47

Open Centerboard - 1. Wade Behling 8, 2. P. Lazier 11, 3. Dan Ouellet 16, 4. K. Kirk 24, 5. Larry Rota 31, 6. Bob Theichert 38, 7. Ed Guinaugh 39, 8. J. Moyette 40, 9. B. Boe 41, 10. Barbara Ouellet 41

El Toro - 1. Walt Andrews 8, 2. R. Hrubes 8, 3. A. Locke 18, 4. George Morris 19, 5. Charles Keiser 25, 6. J. Altman 29, 7. Mary McHugh 36