2008 "Go For The Gold" Regatta Results

 Saturday Race 1 Race 1
Race 2 Race 2
Race 3 Race 3
 Sunday Race 4 Race 4
Race 5 Race 5

FYI: The scoring program uses the number of registered boats in each fleet;
hence, any DNC, DNS, DNF, OCS, DSQ would be equal to the number of boats
registered in that particular fleet, PLUS one.
Open Centerboard A and Sunfish both had more boats registered than raced.

Overall Results (by Fleet)
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 Fleet A Open Multi-Hull
(5 boats registered)

 Fleet B Ultimate 20 (6)

 Fleet C Open Keel - PHRF (5)

 Fleet D Catalina 22 (8)

 Fleet E Open Centerboard A <95 (9)

 Fleet F Open Centerboard B >96 (7)

 Fleet G Sunfish (9)

 Fleet H Laser (8)

Corrected June 11, 2008
Race #4 Open Centerboard A #1515 DSQ was not noted
Race #5 Open Centeroard A #338 wrong time was entered